Water jet weaving "hair silk" and "broken warp" six reasons and six countermeasures

There are six causes of hair and broken menstruation:

1, the material physical and mechanical properties are not ideal, the fiber cracking strength is low, the wire holding force is poor, in the weaving process, can not stand the reed, the heald repeated conflict, resulting in the single fiber of the wire hair or broken.

2, warping, and axis process wire guide slotting, damage may be shaken, tangled when the wire unwinding, so that fiber strength, elongation damage, mechanical properties deteriorate, when the production tension exceeds its strength, elongation yield value, resulting in single fiber cracking and broken warp.

3, the loom reed, harness grooving, damage, the wire can not withstand its repeated high frequency conflict and hair breakage. The faster the speed of loom, the more serious the phenomenon of warp breaking.

4, warping machine wool monitor failure, so that the material itself of the wool, long knot escape may be too large, too long when the stopper breaks the joint, weaving the surface of the wire is tangled, forming an unclear opening, pull the broken end.

5, the loom work, the opening height of the warp wire has a great influence on the warp wool and broken warp, because the loom opens, the elongation of the warp wire is proportional to the height of the opening, the opening height of the loom is large, the elongation of the warp wire is large, and too much elongation forms the warp wool and cracking.

6. When the loom is working, the conflict motion of the heald wire also has a great influence on the warp warp. When the heald frame is open, the warp filaments move toward the front of the heald, and when the shed is closed, the warp filaments move backward from the eye of the heald. The loom is continuously working, the opening and closing are constantly circulating, and the warp thread is constantly moving back and forth in the heald eye and is subject to conflict. It is also an important link in the formation of the warp. In particular, the opening height is too large, the opening parts are worn, the movement of the heald frame is unstable, the heald wire is moving up and down, the speed of the loom is fast, and the phenomenon of breaking the warp is more serious.

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