There are six causes of hair and broken menstruation:1, the material physical and mechanical properties are not ideal, the fiber cracking strength is low, the wire holding force is poor, in the wea...
Why should synthetic fiber be starched? What is the mechanism of sizing? What problems should we pay attention to?Synthetic fiber filament is composed of multiple single fiber composite, such as 16...
The waist machine | weaves the clothes of the sun and moonThe waist loom is one of the oldest looms, very similar to the looms used by the Banpo Clan six or seven thousand years ago, and was widely...
Double-layer fabric is generally produced by double-axis loom, while single-axis loom can only produce double-layer fabric with small difference in floating length. The double layer fabric is divid...
  In the second half of this year, the business of textile fabrics is very good. In order to ensure the quality of textiles and fabrics, it is necessary to carry out textile testing. The testing o...
  Since last year, many textile people realized that the textile market is gradually weakening, and predicted that the market in 2020 may be worse than that in 2019. However, at the beginning of t...
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